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Jimmy Farris?


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Not sure if anyone on here has followed the where abouts of Jimmy Farris or knew he was signed to the Atlanta Falcons practice squad, but I found out from the escribe forum that he was being activated for this weeks playoff game. Anyway, did some searching around and found the info.

sooooo here it is:


Go Griz!!
Thanks for the info, I did a search for Jimmy on NFL.com just last week but I came up with nothing so I figured he was probably on some teams taxi squad but it is good to know that he has been activated for the playoffs. I think Dallas Neil is still on the Falcons taxi squad. I guess I will be rooting for the Falcons and the 49ers this weekend.

Falcons - Farris and Neil
49ers - Gragg and Hauck

Does anyone know if Tim Hauck got in last weeks 49ers game? I watched the game but I don't remember seeing him.
I hope Farris gets to pla some, but remember that Farris was activated to the Patriots roster last year, but was inactive for all the playoff games. Hopefully this is not the same, but it is possible that another playoff team showed interest in grabbing Farris from the Falcons practice squad and the Falcons are moving him to the main roster to protect hiim for next year.
I was in the end zone (well...overlooking the end zone) when Jimmy made his one handed catch to beat the Ida-Ho vandals. I was very happy that day…the kid has hands. Give him a chance.