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JH...Get Him the D-mn Ball!


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As I've been saying all year, please find some way to get Jefferson Heidelberger in the game, and get the ball to him in the open field, because he's dynamite in that situation. I think he proved that pretty definitively today.

All that being said, I hope Levander is okay--obviously he's not exactly too shabby himself.
Why hasn't this kid been getting reps at receiver this year? With his breakaway speed, we need to get him involved. I seem to remember him dropping a couple of easy passes last year and earlier this year. Does he have bad hands? Note to Cockhill...........Watch some NFL game tapes on Antowain Randle El from the Steelers and use Heidelberger the same way. He has some talent! :wink:
As I've noted on other boards, JH's stats this season are utterly ridiculous--If I've counted correctly, he's had exactly 5 touches this year, which have resulted in: a first down (on a tough catch over the middle), a 33 yard kickoff return that was about one tackler away from going all the way, and 3 TDs (a catch while falling down after completely turning his defender around, a 68 yard punt return, and a 96 yard kickoff return).

What more does this kid need to do to prove himself?
Is he only a Sophmore? I'll bet Sac St. hated to see this guy leave California for another I-AA school.
Yeah, he's a sophomore, and yeah, Sac State recruited him heavily. I got a copy of his high school highlight tape before last season when one of his coaches was talking him up on the Unofficial Griz Board around the time he signed with the Griz, and the highlights are fast and furious. He scored around 40 TDs as a senior as a RB in a Delaware-style Triple Wing offense and returning punts and kickoffs. As a RB he averaged around 14 yards/carry. He had around 3000 yards of offense as a senior. This was in one of the better California upper-division high school leagues, for a team that was nationally ranked for most of his senior year. From what I gather, he's fairly legendary around there.

When I first watched the highlight tape, at one point about four minutes in there's a clip where he makes a run from scrimmage, bursts through the line, then veers to the sideline and accelerates away from the remaining D backs like they're standing still for about a 60 yard TD run. As he was accelerating away, I had this huge grin burst out on my face. I knew right then (despite my lack of knowledge of the arcana of college football coaching and playing) that this kid was something special and would be a weapon for the Griz. I've been wondering ever since when he would finally be unleashed.
I have something to add to this discussion, Jefferson is great, he has awesome speed. I believe he set his high school record in the 100 meters at 10.9. That is blazing speed. But I also read that our redshirt frosh RB Engleman ran a 10.65 100 meters in high school, that is very impressive. I am looking forward to seeing both of them play bigger roles in games to come. Remember speed kills!
You gotta wonder why JH hasn't gotten more playing time! You really do. I don't know much, but what I do know is that JH, even tho he's an underclassman, should be getting more reps....IMHO.
Everyone was so worried when Segars went down but when Heidelberger ran that second one back...............WooHoo!!
"Any great achievement is preceded by many difficulties and many lessons: great achievements are not possible without them."
Brian Tracy

At least one point cannot be argued, We have some unbelievable talent sitting on our bench! :wink:
CadWiz: On top of those two burners, Jelani Harrison is still trying to get a medical redshirt. With a little luck and some humanity on the part of the NCAA (Jelani has been injury-plagued his entire career, and never got to play until his senior season), maybe we'll be seeing him again, too...oh, yeah, he's run UNDER 10.6 in the hundred meters....
I have been keeping my fingers crossed for Jelani to get that medical redshirt ever since I heard that he was applying for one. I think he is an untapped goldmine and I surely hope we can have him for one more year. It boggles the mind to think of all the talent we are going to have on next years team. I am not dismissing this years team and if we can get a win over McNeese then I really like our chances to get to Nooga. GO GRIZ!!!
Part of the reason JH isn't playing more is because the Griz haven't been using slot wrs as much as they used to or will use in the next 2 seasons.
Another part is that the 2 guys ahead of him are tough to beat out. Hancock is perhaps the best all-round wr the Griz have. Meaning he's elusive catches well and has good speed. others at slot, have either one or the other, for the most part. At this point the coaches are hedging their bets on slot wrs that catch the best. JH had shown earlier in the season that he's still perfecting catching with his hands. This is a big reason i'd wished they'd have red-shirted him. If he was a RS frosh i think we could all live with his limited playing time easier.
Take heart Griz fans! JH has improved greatly this season and may see action in the remaining games(great special teams play gets you on the field!, eg Segars). Also, next season look for 4 wr sets WAY more with the addition of Craig Ochs or Jeff Disney. That will translate for more meaningfull playing time for JH, Hancock, and perhaps Atkins, who might be the quickest wr we have, but that remains to be seen.

Cadgriz, your're right about Enlgemann. be prepared for great things from that young man...if they give him a chance.
SpokaneGriz said:
I seem to remember him dropping a couple of easy passes last year and earlier this year. Does he have bad hands?

Can you remind me of when Jefferson dropped a ball this year? I only remember him catching everything thrown to him, and there has been so few times this year that Edwards looked his way.