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JE/BN Correction


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I hesitated to make this post but I wanted a chance to correct what I feel was a misconception that started on this board and I am guilty of fueling it. This was my own quote from an earlier thread...

Absolutely, do I think that Neill should have been pulled when Edwards came in the game to finish off the drive against Northwestern, no, Neill should have been allowed to finish the drive but that also doesn't mean that I think the home crowd should be so fickle as to boo its own home players. I was a little disappointed to see Edwards come back in on that drive but I sure as hell didn't boo and make him feel like he was not getting the support he deserves.

Well, I just watched the game again and Neill didn't start that drive, he only played one play (the QB keeper to the left side). Edwards was the leader of that drive and Waller was the workhorse, Waller gained most of the yards and got the TD on that drive with the help of an amazing catch by Molloy for a gain of 9 yards.

Anyway what I am trying to say is, I change my opinion, I thought that if Neill had started that drive he should have been allowed to finish it but since Edwards started that drive and was only pulled for one play I am glad he was allowed to come back in and finish what he started.

I apologize to bring this sore subject back up but I feel that the coaching staff handled it correctly.

Now enough of that, on to bigger and better things... GO GRIZ!!! Beat McNeese!