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Jamal Wilson


Active member
I was wondering since we're dinged up a bit at running back. Why isn't Jamal Wilson 5'11" 238lbs
given a few reps...at least in short yardage situations?
Seem to have this conversation every other week. It's my understanding he's not much of a ball carrier, want's to block, that's his game/strong suit. I'd bet in the years ahead he's given more reps as the coaches develop him though.
I look forward to him developing into someone the coaches feel confident handing the football. They definitely have seemed confident throwing him the football on the bootleg. I personally love the fullback as an offensive weapon. Hope he heals soon. The way he walked off the field after the injury scares me some. I still LOVE him..
havgrizfan said:
He also got injured against USD

Yes, and he did not leave the field like it was an average joe ankle roll. Hence my concern. Hope he is superman, like I imagine him in my dreams...