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Its called domination


I am a Syracuse fan, I am a huge D-bag.

I have a small penis and therefore I need to post porn gifs as smack on a message board. This is who I am, don't blame me for it, blame my lineage. We're all morons.


Mod note: :ban:
exCUSEme said:
lovin the atmosphere here the HP...

Here's what Montana looks like right now:


They're the ones with cum all over their face :lol: :lol: :lol:
Let me see 5'4" and your crotch is inverted even though your DL says male..
jekelish said:
Sorry guys, this dude is an idiot and doesn't represent the vast majority of SU fans.

Every fan base has a few jackasses. No need to apologize for this douche. On a different note - wow. You guys are huge. We look like midgets in comparison. To compound our problems it is evident you can shoot the three ball. Best of luck.
Syracuse was expected to win, their fans expected them to win, I am positive that they are not going to waste their time trolling Montana Grizzly fan-boards. I agree with NorthwestFresh that it is just someone trying to rile up the board (while making Syracuse fans look bad). Best of luck in the tournament Syracuse!