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It wasn't all that surprising.


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With the injuries the Griz are just a shell of the former team from the first half of the season.

So no excuses, the better team won. Congrats to the 7-5 Bobcats, 5 loss teams are better than the Griz right now. Montana State got the monkey off their backs. We will be lucky now to get one playoff game at home. We played a weak schedule and lost the important games. The committee will punish the Griz severely for that. It shows weakness.

So all you rah rahs can finally face the truth. It REALLY is more than the Griz having a target on their backs. They are just an average football team now with all the stars that have been knocked out. It will be a mighty task for them to win a playoff game. But I will be rooting for them. All of you can question my loyalty, I could give a flying fu##. I'm a realistic football fan, not a rah rah with my head in the sand. I live and die with every play too. But I have seen with each week as player after player went down that our chances were becoming dimmer and dimmer to repeat this year. I'll eat all the crow in the world if we were to somehow pull that off.
I don't know if this comes down to just injuries. Injuries were a good excuse when the Griz weren't winning games by a good enough margin, but this team has just completely lost its focus. They are having a tough time executing their assignments. They actually looked defeated before they were today. Same as last week. Not a good way to enter the playoffs. I have to agree with Ronbo about our chances in the playoffs. It was a good run, but realistically, this team is playing some mighty mediocre ball.