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It' gettin heavy in here!!


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Boys and girls, how do we lighten things up here on egriz? Yep, you guess it. It's time for an n-zone poem. :roll:

Here on egriz,
a battle rages.
WWF style,
bring out the cages.

This beast of a board,
was started by Chris.
Made for a grade,
but turned into this.

With a tear in his eye,
and a lump in his throat.
A section for critics,
He had to promote.

It seems love for the Griz,
has spread far and wide.
Come one come all,
you need not hide.

You see he lets us come here,
so we can talk.
Some like to sugarcoat,
some like to squak.

Who's right, who's wrong?
Does it really matter?
Dosen't it become,
just useless chatter?

We are here,
for many a reason.
We will come and go,
with each new season.

Some have opinion,
some just have passion.
Some for the love,
and some for the fashion.

We might not see eye to eye,
we might not agree.
But in the end,
I hope we will see.

That this poem is long,
and im starting to babble.
I don't know how to end it.
Dang this is harder than scrabble.

(Ya'll didn't think I was gonna go all :angel: on you?)
I say we concentrate on the up coming game this weekend instead of the three punks that are pissing ya'll off.

sorry, no poem :cry:
I say we concentrate on the up coming game this weekend instead of the three punks that are pissing ya'll off.

Kick him off! Kick him off! He's being mean!

Hey! maybe we should ask Chris to create a forum for name calling! :roll:
Lets keep this board fun like your poetry! Use the other board for your smack and lets get it on with the discussions and our love for the GRIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
Some might think that I have became Lazy

And I was outdone in rhymes by N-Zone-Cray-Z

You see he needs no direction from Martin Scorsese

And for his rhyming I have nothing but praise see?!

I am proof that it's true - white boys can't rap!!

Good Work Nzone!
Simple rhyming is easy,
but poetry is hard,
That makes you a genius,
And makes me a tard.

But it's fun that im after,
just a light hearted time.
And I guess you can tell,
By this two bit rhyme.

So cry a little,
and laugh a lot.
Be your own man,
not a robot.

That's your thought for the day,
From n-zonecrayz.
And don't worry UPWIMT,
we know you're not lazy.