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It feels wierd.


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To be the "underdog" in a football game against a 1-AA team. The last time I remember being the uderdog to a team form our division is the 2000 national championship against GSU.

Oh and Tony Moss did say he picked Sam Houston STate to beat us last year. But that was at Wash/Griz. which is almost a sure win for the Griz in the Playoffs.
It is nice being the underdog. McNeese is trying to bill themselves as the underdog, even though they thought they should be ranked number one the most of the season. I think everybody except most Griz fans though they should have been ranke number one way sooner than they did. Having the toughest schedule in 1-AA and hanging tough with Nebraska was plenty of reason for them to be ranked number one. So to keep it short, we are the underdog. It is a nice place to be, everyone seems to like an underdog.
I believe it is more in the Rankings who is the underdog. But it is all at how you want to look at it. Vegas could determine an underdog, rankings, toni, depends on what you want to use as your barometer. I think the most common would be Rankings and Vegas lines.
Are there Vegas lines on 1-AA football? Maybe just the playoffs....or maybe every week. I don't know.

I don't think that Tony's predictions by themself decides who is the underdog, but I do think that he is the most highly recognized and most easily accessable barometer for 1-AA fans to use as a measuring stick.

Man...that GSU NC in 2000 was a good game. I threw my hat at the 160" Super Screen at the Swing Doors when AP made that run. I felt like a little kid who just had his favorite toy stolen from him! I still thought we would win though. Some of the play calling down the strech in that game was shakey at best.
Looking back at my last post here has made me realize that the Meds that I'm takin are have a bigger effect on me than I thought. Sorry about that...... :lol: