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Us ISU alums know that you griz gals don't get no lovin because those mountain men are too busy chasin sheep and spending time with their mommies!! So get ready to party with some real men, its about time to party!!
I love it when one JackAss calls up a few of his buddies and says...

"Hey, I just found a cool message board that we can post funny stuff and get the Griz Fans riled up. Get on there and make fun of 'em... he he, *burp*, hey Barney, you got any beer left, I'm all out *fart*"

Get a clue, you aren't gonna win, and you're wasting your stinky ass breath here.
Blah Blah Blah, we hear that same sh!t every year in the playoffs while you guys are home carving the Thansgiving turkey. Nothing new to us and for your information you wouldn't make a pimple on the ass of the teams we play in the post season!!! Get a clue, you have to actually DO something to get any respect around here!!!!!!
Sorry, I made that last post without registering, but it was made by the Hammer!!!! Hiya Jim!!!
Yeah... we'll be ready for ya. :D The North end zonies will be ready for you too. I remember a few years back, the 70-0 win over you guys. We sat right behind the ISU team that year (before end zones were finished) and there was more energy expended on the ISU sidelines than on the field. We watched a few guys punch each other out and others yelling at each other. Some team you guys have there. :wink:

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