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Isn't it strange...


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Isn't it strange that Hauck may be hiring an Offensive guy from Wyoming. As I recall as of recent... Wyoming sucked.

:-? :roll:

Any other thoughts on this? Not that I'm going to second guess the new guy at all...
On other boards, they said that Wyoming actually had a running coordinator and a passing coordinator. He was the passing coordinator. I remember his offense from Northridge, when they had their good couple of years. They were fun to watch, and threw the ball a ton.
GGG....kind of strange, but WY problems really lied on the defensive side of the ball and their running game. Their passing game was 2nd in the conference and this guy was in charge of that....

That being said I am more than a little uneasy about it!!!
I thought they had a decent offence. I could be wrong. No doubt they sucked as a team. This could be great chemistry. yee haw!! only 8 months!! :cry:
Actually, they beat the Griz in Northridge one of those years (1998), and were in the running for the BSC championship. Their offense was ranked nationally, and their passing was first in the nation. Aaron Flowers was the QB.
Yeah...they were 5th in the nation for total O.....but as I recall, we weren't very good that year.

wasn't that the W. Illinios year?

And what did Cal st N piss end up? Third in a shackey conference...no playoffs... you get the pic.
This whole staff pleases me. I really like that DC from St. Mary's. And this guy from Wyoming is going to have the Griz gaining 500+ yds. per game.

The Griz are gunna ROCK!
And that name . . . . . .








Excuse me - just got carried away there for a bit
Now--if all these new coaches bring one quality defensive back--oh baby doll--when do we play the cats in bozeman?? I happen to know that our win streak there is still in tact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Don't hurt 'em Hammer", but 40+ points a game would be nice...I'll expect us to have that at halftime Nov 22, 2003.
Northridge had a great offense and terribble defense. The Griz have an awesome Defense and a Offense that is great but never used to its potential. I think I just pissed my pants!!!, wait a minute thats not pee!
WAAAAAY too much time on your hands...... :)

Your Avitar still makes me do a double take though!!

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