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Is this correct?


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Sept. 11, Northern Colorado and North Dakota State will be going 1-AA in football. Northern Colorado will join the Big Sky Conference and North Dakota State is trying to get in the Gateway Conference. Minnesota-Duluth will join the North Central Conference in the near future.

I just read this on Don Hasen's 1-AA page. Is he blowing smoke. Last I heard, Our conference was looking at the possiblity of UC davis....
Last I heard was Big Sky wasn't into expanding but if it were it would be UC Davis. But it seems to me that if Big Sky did expand they should add 2 teams. So, adding Northern Colorado and UC Davis may be a good idea.
Shouldn't we be saving room for the shaky 1A teams that you all think will be moving down? Why do you want to weaken the Big Sky more than it is now? We seem to be the laughing stock of the country with all the weak programs we have now. Let's invite Idaho and Nevada back. UC Davis is a slim chance anyway. We don't accept football only schools. They are joining the conference with the other UC schools for basketball aren't they? They have to play an independent 1AA schedule like Cal Poly, same situation.

Everything I read and heard years back when Northridge, Sac., and Portland joined was oh boy, look out! These teams come from large metro areas with rich recruiting. They will dominate the Big Sky in a few years. Hmmm...... I think we've given them a chance. What is those three schools record against us since joining. Anybody know? I'm going to take a guess, 2-19. We're letting in patsies. And it will evenually weaken our program as recruits will want to play in a more respected conference.
seems like about a year ago, there was talk of S. Utah joining the sky and Fullerton pretty much said no way. No disrespect to N.Co., but if SU (who had a fairly good team a couple years ago) wasn't going to get in, I can't imagine N.Co. would.
Two things. First, if the big sky were to expand it would undoubtedly be by 2 teams as they would need a travel partner for any new team (basketball, volleyball). Second, any new member of the BSC must be a member in all sports. The BSC does not take affiliate members (a BSC member can be an affiliate member of another conference for a non-BSC sport "baseball", but must participate in all the BSC sponsored sports). UC Davis is planning on joining the Big West for basketball and being an independent for football. They may be one school that can pull off the independent thing, as they have great local support.

I see the BSC waiting a few years to see how the new requirements for I-A pan out. We may see some old members of the BSC come back to the family. I do believe we will see the BSC growing in 05-06 though.
The Big Sky will not take Southern Utah because their academic requirements are not up to Big Sky standards. From what I have heard, the Dakota schools (and probably any Minnesota school) are out because of the problems with travel. UC Davis would be a possiblity if we expand. No one is saying definitely no to Northern Colorado either. However, a 10 team conference is difficult to schedule, and results in either 2 divisions, a situation where you don't play every team every year, or a reduction in non-conference games.
10 team is easier than 9 team. Big Sky had 9 teams and scheduling sucked. Always had to pair another team in the same week as the Griz-Bobcat game in basketball. You need an even number of teams in a conference. Easiest to schedule.

Football you would just have 2 fewer non-conference games if you had 2 more teams. 9, or 10 games wouldn't make scheduling any more difficult. Just would have fewer non-conference games. Still would have 3 non-conference games. More conference games is more exciting to watch than 5 nonconference games against weak competition.

10 teams wouldn't necessarily mean 2 divisions at all. You would most likely need 12 teams before dividing into two divisions.
I know it is just picking on the goat de jour But how about axing Sac St. They are the farthest away from true Big Sky country...they haven't given the Big Sky much atheletic success...and now they are an embarrassment. Not too many redeeming qualities for them today.

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