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Is there a GRIZ rally in Spokane on Friday?


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A couple of years back, there was a rally in Spokane prior to the EWU game. Anyone heard of any gatherings this year?
Over on the ESPN 1-AA message board someone was saying that a former player has a party set up at his hotel...I'll get you a link in a second, here.

Here y'go: http://boards.espn.go.com/cgi/ncaa/request.dll?MESSAGE&room=cfl_1aa&id=12811

Have a good time...remember to be careful if you're driving after midnight...the drunks are out.
Thanks SL!

Hey GRIZ fans! Pre-game party in Spokane before the Eastern game. Friday night at the Valley Holiday Inn. Starts around 6:00...lasting all night to game time the next day! Free food, and spirits! A couple of EX players own the place!!

Big party after we whip Eastern at The Swinging Doors not far from the stadium. We'll be toasting the new 1-AA win record taken from Penn.

Sounds like a great time!
You've got to love the idea of partying in Spokane. It has been quite some time since i have done this, back in the high school days. I'll sure as heck try to make it to the party.

Anyone else extending the football weekend like I am? Right after the game, i am driving to Seattle to watch the Seahawks play the Broncos on Sunday. Talk about a great weekend huh. I'll be at the party and hopefully meet a lot of you eGriz Fans. Go Griz!!
Ya betcha, SG

Wish I could get over there to meet ya, but I'm chained to my computer for possibly the next fortnight. I gotta lotta computer crap to get done to get ready for my winter season. Anyways have fun, it sounds like a kick in the pants weekend in Spokane. Hope Idaho has both of their snowplows in good working order this year.
Everyone drive carefull!!
I was driving back home from Missoula last Sunday and wouldn't you know it it was snowing from Deborgia to the top of the pass. The Montana side was terrible, not a snow plow in sight and a semi jack-knifed on the east bound lane. The Idaho side was totally sanded and plowed! It often seems like the Idaho crew does a better job than the Montana crew........ :evil: The pass that can be deceiving is 4th of July pass near Coeurd'alene Lake.
The Spokane Chapter of the GAA is also hosting a party at the Quality Inn Suites off of Argonne. I think it starts about 6:00.
what time is everyone showing up on Saturday? Maybe we can have a little eGriz.com meet and greet near the GAA tailgate. I figure eGriz could probaly make it happen since he'll be back home.
Planning on leaving between 8:30 - 9:00 a.m. MST... that would get us in town around 11:30'ish Spokane time. Plan to be at the stadium no later than 12 - 12:30.

See ya'll there!

If anyone is interested, Eastern Football games are broadcast on 89.5 FM in Spokane, a jazz station. I doubt you will be able to pick up Mick Holien and Scott Gurnsey on AM radio in Spokane.
Ok, let me know if you would like to have an eGriz.com meeting. If you all agree on a place I will make my appearance. I'm sure you all will be surprised. If you all want it near the GAA tailgate, that works for me. If you print out a sign that says eGriz.com on it and carry it and show it off I will know who the eGriz fans are. Lets show those Eastern fans who the grizzlies are!! Go GRIZ!!
egc: No suprise for me, your cover was blown at the Udaho game. Saw you in your jersey taking pictures, about five rows in front of me. On another note, I've got a big WELCOME sign that my wife and a friend of hers made the last time we played at JAS. We could fly it to help people find the egriz gathering, you guys might get a kick out of it.
sounds good to me. I would love to meet all of you this weekend. Talk to you then, Chris
Alright, I am leaving for Spokane about 2:00 today. I have to work till then so I wont be able to do any updating of info on eGriz. If someone wants to kinda organize this meet and great, that would be great. What I mean by that is, get the info to everyone on this board and see what comments/ideas they have. I will check the board whenever possible. Thanks for your help, Chris

GGG, Didn't you have that facemask on for Homecoming vs Idaho St? Do you have something special planned for the EWU chickens? Glad to have you on our sidelines, would just hate to see such loyalty from the opposition.
That was from the last playoff game last year... special occasion and all.

Not sure what my bro has in store for my noggin this weekend... just have to wait and see!
Thats right! I knew I seen it.......I only came back for 3 games last year and that was one of them. Came back for Homecoming vs Id ST. and SAC ST last weekend and plan on coming back for a couple of playoff games this year as well.