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Is Ochs a team player?


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:eek: Where the hell is Ochs during the game? All the other injured players are down on the field supporting their team. Have any of you seen him during the game? Maybe he is in the coaches box. If this offense is so complicated you would think he would be down on the field with head phones on learning the game. Why dosent he come out and let us know the truth about his injury. I for one think we will never see Ohcs on the field playing for the Griz. To much secrecy. To many rumors. As they say "where there is smoke there is fire" Step forward and be a man Craig ...tell us the truth!!!!!!
He does sit up in the box. He still has two cruches and has trouble walking. He would be a huge risk to get hurt even more standing on the sidelines.
I would want him up high in the coaches box where he can see the defenses and adjustments. And he can see how formations and audibles work in action. From the sidelines it's tough to see things develop.
Although I bet that even if he isn't quite ready for Idaho that he will be suited up on the sidelines. I hope he is ready, I think our offense could use a change of pace.
I hope he's in the box getting an ear full of what Phenicie thinks is and isn't working on the field-- much better than the baptism by fire Disney is getting.