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Is it really true, Phlugrad?



I have always been behind phlugrad from the beginning. How can you argue against someone with ties to the Read-era? I was hoping he would have gotten the job over glenn. Picking Kelly would have been a mistake but it sounds like hogan won't do it.

Will Phlugrad be able to get the Hawaii recruiting base that was so good to us in the Read years?

Here is to hoping that Phlu gets the job!!!
If you want to continue the Hawaiian connection, hire Tommy Lee at Western Montana. He is from Hawaii and his brother does or used to coach at a large school in Honolulu.

If you want someone who has been a head coach (Western), rebuilt a program (Western), knows Montana (coached at UM and Western, has been at the big time (BYU offensive coordinator), then Tommy Lee is your guy right down the road at Dillon. No need to go to WSU to hire someone with less experience who has never been a head coach.

Moral of the story: I am glad that Hogan gets the big bucks for making this decision because there are too many good candidates for me to make a decision.