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Intresting story on YSU's former coach

Every new coach should read that article. "Family" and "team" are seen by many as hokie, but when players feel they are part of a family they don't want to let the team down and they play with more inspiration.
For that matter I have known some business owners and bosses who should read that article and take it to heart. Then again they had no heart, unless you want to call a cold black piece of gravestone a heart. I am not bitter though! :)
I wish I would've been good enough to play ball for the griz. Hell, for any college at any level! So I'll call that "jonedwards" thing a compliment. Thanks! :)
I've always been a Tressel fan even when they were beating the Griz. He's a good example of winning with class and being positive as a mentor.
I think Glenn is like that, and it seems Hauck is like that too. But to be fair i don't know much about Hauck other than his interviews. I suppose we'll see for sure if our optimism with Hauck is well placed following the season.
Tressel does seem to be a class act after reading an article like that, thanks for the post.

Maybe we can dip "The Little Brown Jug/Keg/Stein" into the Clark Fork and give it back, God forbid, to the team that beat us...key words there being "God Forbid". But I'm not sure Bobby is going to let that happen. GO GRIZ!!! :drinking: