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Interesting Take On 4th Down & Onside Kicks

My son's HS his sophomore year had a HC with a similar philosophy (at least as it pertains to onside kicks. I never once saw him kick the ball down the field. And pretty much anything beyond his own 35-40 yard line he never punted either. They went 15-0 that year and won the state title.

My daughter's HS this year uses a similar philosophy on kicking...they pooch kick every kickoff (and they kick off a LOT, averaging about 45 points a game) and attempt to get the ball or get it into the hands of a "non" ball carrier (think William Poehls :lol: )...They're 10-0 and in the Texas 5A playoffs starting tomorrow night.

There might be something to this....I will say this regarding punting: I have NEVER understood punting when you were in between the 40's. half the time those kicks go into the end zone and you're really not gaining that much yardage...and as far as i'm concerned, inside the 40 is automatic 4-down territory, even if you DON'T use this coach's philosophy.