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Interesting Boeheim connect

El Griz

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Sons Jimmy, 13, and Jack, 11 both played as all-stars in their Syracuse-area league, Boeheim boasted. But Boeheim is purely a proud parent and spectator.

"I don't coach," the basketball Hall of Famer said. "I coach enough."

Boeheim himself played shortstop and outfield growing up. He said he his team reached the New York state finals when he was 12.

A Yankees fan, Boeheim said he has a slight allegiance to the Montana team at the World Series because his daughter, Elizabeth, lives there.

I knew his adopted daughter wrote her theses at the U in 2011. Now I think she remains here as a teacher at the U.
It is going to be an honor in beating the team coached by one of the greatest of all time....