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Not to get off the hot subject of coaches, but I have a question...

With all the injuries that took place this year, did the new turf have anything to do with it? I have heard the players enjoyed the playing surface and I think the players would know best. My own opinion is no, but it does raise the question.

As to which players got hurt at home games/practices compared to away games, I don't have the stats, sorry.
I don't think the turf had anything to do with the injuries. What did though was being in the Championship 2 straight seasons. That really takes a toll on a body playing 15 or 16 games a season, plus spring ball, plus winter conditioning. Essentially the players haven't had time to give their bodies a rest for over 2 years.
Thats a good question...this type of turf is new enough, I'll bet no comprehensive studies have been done about what types of injuries this turf leads to, if any. About two of the injuries...weren't Pitcher and Varona were injured in practice? Do they practice on the fieldturf?
yes, they do practice on the field. But, as far as injurys, I don't understand how that would lead to sholder injurys? I could understand rolled ankles and stuff. Anyone have any input?
I don't have any input, except that I thought those two injuries were really odd...fairly rare injuries, both happening to Defensive Linemen. I guess it was a fluke thing, but it makes you wonder....and no, I don't see how the field turf could have caused it.
It seems to me that shoulder injuries are becoming more prominent than Knee injuries. Pro college, and high school. Makes me wonder if these kids are pushing the weights to much on the upper body lifts?
From my observations on pro and college there seems to ba alot of shoulder tackling going on and not enough good ol' wrapping up and bringing them down. This may explain the shoulder injuries on the D-side of the ball. I mean trying to tackle 200lb running men by throwing only your shoulder into them is going to cause some kind of damage eventually.
Bigger, stronger, and faster (not to mention performance enhancing drugs) would be my guess as to why there are more injuries. The players today would put the players of the past to shame.

As for shoulder injuries, the humerus only is about 30% inserted into the joint. If it wasn't so loosely put in there, we would never have the range of motion that we do.