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Any update on #2? Looked like he got banged up, I think it was his hand. Dave Decoite looked like he took a hit too, but I talked with him after the game and he said he was fine, but I'm a little still a little worried about him and Jon.
It looked like Decoit landed on his foot wrong and rolled it. If no tendons, or ligaments are torn and sprain is minor, he should be fine. But he may have been still high from adrenaline which is a natural pain reliever. Thus he could have worse problems than he thinks. Wait till tomorrow and see if the swelling hasn't increased real bad.

I heard Talmage is getting x-rays. Hopefully it doesn't reveal a break.
Hope the younger guys can step up. Seems like we're getting way too many season ending injuries this season. Hope Talmage isn't the next, but it sounds bad anytime they go for x-rays.
My seat is in the front row and I watched Talmadge and Gober both walk by me on the way into the locker room. Gober was limping a bit but it looked like he probably came back too soon from his previous injury and reaggrevated it. Talmadge had a horrible look on his face when he walked by, his arm was in a sling and people were wishing him well but he didn't respond to anybody. You know how some athletes will give a wave or a thumbs up just to let the crowd know that they will get fixed up and be back soon, he didn't give any indications that he was going to be back soon.

As far as I am concerned Talmadge has been having an amazing season and the hit he laid on that NAU player today when Edwards was scrambling should be the "hit of the week".

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