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What is going on with all of the Griz injuries? The intesity of the practices is a good thing, but is it misplaced and directed between the O and the D too much. Are our players going too far and too hard against each other? This is my theory. We can't have our guys killing each other in practice, that needs to be saved for game day and the opposing teams. It seems the happy medium between practicing hard with intesity, and going balls out against each other and going for the kill, is not being met. Am I completely off base here, I think not, and I know others who feel the same way.
Anyone else have theories? Are all of these injuries just part of the game, and just the way things go? Most of the team went thru a great conditioning program to help minimize the injuries this year, but it doesn't seem to have helped.
I believe the intensity of the practices contributed to more August injuries than normal, as did practicing during Stage 1 and 2 air quality alerts. The players came into August in great shape and the practices and smoke have battered many of them. I think this coaching staff has a lot to learn about caring for their players so they are able to perform during a long season. I am thankful the Griz have a lot of depth at many positions because they are going to need every player.
No collision injuries have been reported, Please give examples of who when and where these injuries accured.

Personal I think you ARE way off base.

Most of the injuries reported would have happened with out pads or contact. Right or wrong?
I dont think its from practicing too hard. Do you guys forget that Football is a sport, played on Grass or artificial turf. You can turn an ankle walking in your own house... the odds go up considerably when you're involved in something physical.

Quit blaming it on the 'hard practices'. These kids aren't a bunch of pussies, accidents happen! I'm 100% confident it isn't from 'trying too hard' or everyone would be out. This team gives 100% all the time, and it shouldn't be any other way.

I'm personally getting sick of you guys who are saying that the coaches don't care... blah blah blah. They're doing their jobs, and they're making informed decisions. I doubt if Bobby came onto eGriz and saw one of Rangers posts and said.... 'Hmmmm, the air quality IS kind of bad... maybe we should rethink our practices..."

Neither Ciche's or Ochs injuries occured before the smoke came into play. I went to a practice and watched Ciche standing in a red jersy long before the smoke came, and Ochs was then healthy. The next day... Ochs is out. The smoke didn't come until 1 day later.

Dont get me wrong, the smoke is bad and they shouldn't be practicing during stage 2 or higher, but I think running around in stage 1's isn't going to kill anyone, or cause a serious ankle sprain.
I've got to agree with da in many respects. And collisions aren't the only way injuries can happen this way. Wrenching, twisting, piling on and just plain old generally going all out everyday does wear ya down. Can you imagine playing back to back football games, on on friday and then again on satruday. Granted this is the extreme. But practicing with extreme intesity day after day, could be close.
I agree with GGG completely! The kids got to get in shape and there is NO way to get into "contact" shape, without having contact! I don't care how "good" their conditioning is heading into camp, they must have contact, and the more the better!

Injuries do happen. Wasn't it the "Packers" who lost one of their starters last year (for the entire year) during pregame warmups?

And finially, yes the air is bad. As to my knowledge (memory), no practices were held during a stage II alert. Stage I yes, but not stage II. Before I moved back "home", I lived in L.A. for 18 months. The people down there didn't even start to show any concern at all until stage III was mentioned.

Thank goodness it's only 2 weeks left. We all despertaly need something new to talk about! I think I'll go plug last years Weber game back into the VCR.
I'm with you GGG

the coaches are preparing their players for game situations.....and we will see smoke for more games than not this fall. That is a gane situation that no other team we will play can prepare for!

I remember going through 110 degree ++ practices as a player in H.S and College....... and it's that kind of crap (heat,smoke, whatever the conditions you are practicing in) is what helps you win your games.

as far as Hard practices... the cream rises too the top....

Every team we play this year is just looking for a shot to knock the griz off their pedastal.

New Coaching staff
loss of some key players
yada yada yada

I say kick their asses in camp....and the Griz Players will kick the opponents butts all year long.

football is a game of controlled violence ( Lomabardi ...I think)

enough of my rant..... let's let the coaches do their jobs...they are the ones who get fired based on wins & losses... it's Bobby's turn to make that call.

Go Griz
I also agree that the smoke is probably a big part as well. It makes me tired as hell. I know the players are feeling a bit worn down. But, lets look at last year. I heard that during at least one of the practices the defence was chanting "Kill the Offense". Granted, that was a different staff, but I think the same mentality might be going on this year as well.

There IS a fine line. Not sure where it is though.
Not knockin ya Jah, but seeing as how you have a respiratory illness already, I can understand how it makes you feel. I wouldn't put a healthly set of lungs in the same boat as you however.

As far as "Kill the offense" goes... isn't that the Defense's job? I can't think of anyone who would have so little respect of a team mate that they'd actually be head hunting them. Thats what the practice squad is for... :wink:
True on the athsma GGG. Some players are in my boat. And don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the coaches. They know better than me. I thrust they will make the right call. But, we are banged up, more than some realize, and it is frustrating. I should definately not even be posting on this topic. So I'm done, on the injury front.
So, absent discussion of the bad air and who should have done what differently, what is the damage? Who is hurt how bad and when can we expect to see them back?
The Osprey baseball team has not cancelled one home game yet.

How come you Airbags aren't writing letters to the editor about the the baseball team and thier health hazards with breathing and leg, arm et.al injuries most likely received due to Hauks unendless pressure to have contact drills.

Maybe if we all petion Hogan he can make the Osprey's move the rest of their practices and games to Spokane or Seattle. Somepeople feel Wayne has the power to move mountains in this community. (Wish he could move the smoke)

The money A home game brings to missoula, far outways your piddlyass namby pamby concerns. If the highschools kids and the cities baseball team are OK practicing and playing @ Level II, what in your opion makes a grizzly football player weaker than one of them.
The highschool kids have been practicing inside for the last few days, AND they are moving games across the state to Helena and Butte.

Get your facts straight...
YA the osprey didn't lose last night , cause they couldn't play in the smoke. No one in town went to the stadium for the walk through, because they all had to stay home and indoors. No lawns have been mowed in Missoula for the last 3weeks due to the smoke. Their weren't about 700 people at Caras Park for Downtown tonight last night to hear the Big Sky Mudfaps, Your all right. Missoula is totally shut down.

Life would be better in Hadez
BearAxed get off it with the osprey. I hope you realize that 90% of baseball is standing or sitting. The cardiovascular demands that are on football players far out way the ones that a baseball player faces in a game. So you can quit griping about the poor osprey. This is a legitamate concern for the health of the community in general and that includes people that sit on there ass all day. But I guess you enjoy the smoke and would just love having two grueling practices a day in it so I guess I really have no argument :-?

Maybe because this board concerns the Griz as being a reason for not mentioning the Osprey. Osprey shouldn't be playing out there. OK, is that good enough complaint for ya. As for the high schools, you should watch tv, on the sports news on KECI and KPAX, I see that they are practicing indoors out of the smoke.

But now that it has rained, and weather forcasts are for cooler temperatures, things should be much better. Maybe not for injuries as they are just part of the game. Can happen anytime. Besides, the practices haven't been as physical as they were in the first week of practice.
Bear Axed said:
YA the osprey didn't lose last night , cause they couldn't play in the smoke.

Wonder if the Osprey players prefer it this way. :eek:
A pic from last nights game.....
(dont know how long this link will stay up)

This is just a rumor that I heard, and I've come here to see if anyone has the correct "scoop". I understand that the Moderators of this board are moving all the NDSU/South Dakota, and Osprey posts to Butte for a few days because of the smoke.
Today was clearest air in two weeks in Missoula. Lets hope this rain will help fire fighters get these fires out, and this whole smoke and practice issue with Coach Hauck will be history. More rain would be welcome though. I may go out and do foxtrot-polka-twist-breakdance-shimy-shuffle raindances tonight to help. Go Griz beat Maine!