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In town Get-Together?


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Would anyone be interested in getting together to watch the Griz game somewhere in town, perhaps the Broadway? I'd be willing to do this if others would like to join in on the fun. If not the Broadway, does anyone else have some other ideas for places with lots and lots of TV's?

If not, I'll be relegated to being in my own home (not that thats a bad thing) with the family and some neighbors.

Just haven't watched a Griz game in a bar for so long that I've kinda got the itch to do so.

Does the Moulin Rouge carry the games? :wink:
I can't make it, but would love to. If you are going to the Broadway, get there early. Although they have a lot of seating, it fills up pretty fast for an away game.
Does the Rouge even have TVs? I guess I have never really looked. Er, I mean I have never been there. I mean, what is this Moulan Rouge place anyway? :oops:
I would be good to go on that one GGG. The wife is sick so if I stay home I wont be able to watch the game...You know the drill...honey get me this and that...... Let me/us know when and where
Uh sorry, nevermind...

Just got invited to another 'Swaree' that promises free Chili... can't pass that up.

Hope everyone has a great time where ever they plant their butts.