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I'm Sorry


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Its time us Griz fans buck up and apoligize to the cat fans. I have come to find saying you are sorry can heal a lot of hurts in life. Some days before I even get out of bed I turn over to my wife and apologize just to cover all my bases. So here goes.

I am sorry the cats have Griz envy.

I am sorry Hornet's father didn't pull. I know we are called to love all our brothers. But is it possible hornet was not born. It could be he is a science experiment that went horribly wrong.

I am sorry wildcat is truth challeged. He felt there was no face mask penalty when Ochs head was jerked around. Even in real time it is obvious, though there could be some question as to a 5 versus 15 penalty. Play back in slow mo and it is obviously a 15.

I am sorry the name bobcat is so embarrasing that their fans have to use the name of other schools such as Sac State Hornets and Arizona Wildcats.

I am sorry we are a better team.

I am sorry you have an inferior program.

I am sorry you have pathetic fans that come out for one game a year.
and then act like they have been there all year.

I am sorry your mascot stinks.

I am sorry we lost to an inferior team.

I am more sorry the inferior team is the UCBA cats. I hate losing to Californians.

I am sorry the refs assisted us in giving away this game.

I am sorry I dont read most cat post. I mean what's the ponit of reading such mindless babble.

I am sorry not all Montanan's can be Griz fans. Can you imagine going through life as a bobcat with all that Griz envy.

I am sorry I am a sore loser about this game, but then I am going to be a sore loser 9 times out of 10 when we lose to an inferior opponent and the refs help give the game away.

I am sorry the cats have to play in a litter box.

Oh and did I mention, I am sorry cats have Griz envy.

There is so much more to be sorry about, but hopefully you get my point and I have to go back to work. But I must say, I feel much better since I took the time to apoligize.
Go Griz.
In the spirit of SorryGiving...

I'm sorry that the Cats don't have a fan with the brains to produce their own FanSite (eCats?). Or conversely, a bobcat computer guy who gives a rip about the Cats.

This one tried at one point, but couldn't reach the mouse.
:lol: Nice Pic GGG :lol: you've inspired me once again...

yeah, i'm sorry too.
Sorry for that some folks had to put up with so many CLASSLESS bobsplat fans


Thanks for the use of the photo Chris!
Funny how you bring that up GoodGodGriz, you'll see a Bobcat site debuting early next year. Courtesy of some of your computer geek friends you know in Billings :)
It felt so good to apologize yesterday, I had to add more.

I am sorry that it is sometimes better to be lucky than good.

I am sorry that cats are not good, but they are lucky.

Finally, I am sorry the cats have GRIZ envy.

It just makes my day by starting with an apology.

Warning. Do not try this at home.