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I'll Say This Once


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:evil: If Montana loses today, kiss the season off. It will have proved that they can't be competitive for one reason or another in the playoffs. Sad :cry: .
Where's the heart??? Oh yeah, it's out there. . . it's called MSU.

Where is the pride Griz???? Injuries are not an excuse.
what's wrong with the griz. down 10 - 0 4:15 3rd qtr? hope ya'll get to come down to statesboro for a playoff game....we'll treat ya real nice.
17 yard gain. 1st.... another 1st down. Great job griz on getting your asses handed to you.

Sorry everyone... I'm a bit emotional and pissed to say the least. Missed Tackle. G damnit. Maybe I should quit watching.
is there a different link to listen to the game besides www.mtgriz.com? any in state stations carrying the game that you can listen to online?
We are F#@ked! 1st and 10 on the 23 of Montana. Cats about to score again! Score 10-7. MSU in the lead. Montana right now couldn't beat an Egg. They have the heart of an Amoeba.

I am so pissed right now. Regaurdless of how Montana gets seeded.... our season ended today.

I'll need a cool down period... because I'm pissed....

Holy sheep shite. We dodged a bullet. still 10-7. Montana ball. 8min 34 sec left in the game.
Thats the spirit Shake! We'll gladly take a #2 seed. Maybe even #1 (McNeese and Eastern Illinois are in close games also!)
Cat ball... we converted. This must have been what it was like for fans of Ali in the early 80s. Watching the Greatest fall apart. :cry:
6 minutes.

I'm signing off. This is way to painfull. I'm not going to open up a can of worms, but certain Sr players are playing like a wide eyed first game Frosh.

The cats are playing inspired football. The Griz are playing like they expect shit to be handed to them. Go home Griz and rebuild your offense. Come up with 6 plays instead of 5 next year.

I am so peeved right now.
Damn! McNeese just went up 30 -21 with 1 minute left. But East Illinois is losing 31-23 at the start of the 4th!
Montana intercepted the ball. 4 24 left to play.

Lets see if the O can move the ball this series. The O has not been playing to well today.

Go Griz :roll:
Kiss home field throughout the playoffs goodbye! In fact- 3 TEAMS NEED TO START MAKING ARRANGEMENTS TO TRAVEL TO STATESBORO!

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