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If you want Monte to win...you gotta Tweet


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1 tweet = 25 votes

1 tweet w/ pic = 100 votes

More people are going to need to create a twitter account and include the following in each tweet:

#CapitalOneMonte @Capital1Mascot

By the way...The Toledo supporters are also tweeting pics of themselves (or anyone) doing pushups and stuff like that.

Look at the ones that include pictures:
https://twitter.com/search?src=typd&q=%23CapitalOneRocket" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Nothing too complicated to pull off. Anyone with a smart phone can do that in a few minutes.
Yes it does. You can also link twitter to Facebook and your tweets will show up on both...

Bottom line if people are willing to spend 10 or 20 minutes clicking, then spend that much time using twitter or Facebook and generate 25x or 100x the votes.

The wife posted some pics of my boys Tebowing...100 votes per pic!!!
Nice!! We've been doing the same thing tryin to help him win. My girlfriend generated a few thousand votes by now. That's all she does at night while we're watching tv. Lol