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idea for cheerleaders... and fans


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Instead of some fans booing the opposing team when they enter Wa/Griz stadium which in my estimation actually motivates the opposing team how about if the fans were to be cheering MONTANA.... GRIZZLIES. It is my thought that this is the most imposing cheer that the stadium does and doing the cheer at this time should have two effects: 1) Possibly intimidate the incoming team while 2) boosting the excitement level of the Griz players while they wait in the tunnel. Whaddaya think? Cheerleaders? Fans? Just a thought...... :lol:
And don't discount me 'cause you think this is my first post :x I have been on this board for years... but since I have only been reading and haven't posted in a long time, my member name was inactive and I had to set up a new account. :silly:
Great idea--I like it. Someone over at the other board (brand X) also brought it up. (My alter ego over there also liked it 8) )
I always thought it'd be cool if we did it for those road games when the Griz have more fans than the other team. That way, we'd deflate whatever big entrance they were planning and they'd all know which team the fans were there to see. That would show them all who's in charge, and it would establish the Griz as having the home field advantage.
this is a great idea. I wonder how we can get this idea into action.

hmmm, I might know someone. I'll see what I can do, Chris
Thanks Chris! It would be great if we could get this started for the Idaho game. (Hate those Vandals.....) :D
It would be great if we could have something special/different like this worked out and in place by the Portland State game. CSTV is covering that game and thousands of people across the nation will be watching. It's our chance to really show our fan support!

How about a little "CSTV" cheer as well! Get a little attention for ourselves!
Let's just say I'll believe it when I see it. IMO, this will never happen. There is too much going on down on the field in the pregame to get enough fans together for a cheer. The band. The sky divers. The National Anthem. Monte's grand entrance.

Last weekend, Sam Houston made their entrance into the stadium right before Monte came out. Do you really think anyone is going to start up a MONTANA - GRIZZLIES cheer when Monte is riding the motorcycle out of the tunnel? Good luck.
I agree with GrizBear....

You'd have to integrate it into the current choreographed "start" of the spectacle somehow. There's 900 things going on now during the pre-game. It's really grown into something more than a football game the last 3-years.

I'm hoping next year the Silvertipped skydivers (I hope that's their correct name.) could parachute into the stadium shooting Griz souvenieers into the crowd with compressed air bazookas. This could be followed by Monte landing a Harrier Jet on the 50 yd line. Then the crowd could (in single file of course), hug each member of the opposing team offering them cows, bales of hay, and their daughters as a token of our appreciation.

Then sometime during the season, say for the homecoming game Monte could get married to a sexy Griz sow named Tana, (Monte Tana get it?) and we'd have 2-mascots running around.

ooops i'm rambling
Count me in! Does anyone know anyone on the yell squad? How about a letter in the Kiamen (sp). ? Or a letter to the editor in the Missoulian?

I think this could be a true test of the "eGriz" power! I'm going to try to start it in the N. Endzone. I can see the other team coming down and I'll start it then. Who's with me damn it! :BIG:
This is a fine idea.

Another good idea for the cheerleaders and Monte: How about we put away the t-shirt cannon and the bobbleheads or beanie babies or whatever that crap is when the game is going on? Sitting up in 129 (too lethargic, IMO), it's sad to see everyone paying more attention to the shirts than the defense.
Good idea. Was just talking about that today---maybe it's the only way o get it done, since I think we're all watching him at that point.
This cheer could easily be done. Great idea... have Monte lead it and use the scoreboard too. Remember when the scoreboard used to be used for this cheer? I haven't seen it this year. Besides, if it is routinely done, the fans will automatically do it and won't need to be "led"... trust me. In all of the years this cheer is the MOST effective one ~ ask anyone from the opposing side. (That is.. assuming we ARE doing the cheer and not too busy booing the fans that aren't doing the wave!) :wink: