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Idaho extension


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“I am thrilled to see coach Eck build on the exciting start to his tenure leading our Vandal football program," Idaho athletic director Terry Gawlik said in a news release. "Our success on the field has elevated our program and our university on a national stage. The record-breaking performances in the classroom speak to his ability to prioritize our core values. We are so looking forward to the fall and watching Vandal football take it to the next level under coach Eck's leadership."

Could there be a more appropriate mascot for University of Idaho than a vandal? That athletic department has some deep introspection to do given all their recent turmoil, but never will. I don’t know how Eck’s leadership could go to the next level unless they start using lead pipes instead of PVC.
Some deep introspection is due, considering the events of the last year. No less introspection is, or should be, expected from that 'institution' to the east, given it's recent series of events. UM did it's 'introspection' and extrospection during it's time in the crosshairs STARTING
about a dozen years ago. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.🤕
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