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I wonder.....


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How much of a factor is the injury to Ochs' Shoulder..... I mean, Hauck said that he injured it in the EWU game...and that it is painful, and that it gets worse each week.

That could explain not only a few poor throws by Ochs the last two weeks....... But might also explain why we are not throwing the ball until we have to.

I don't know if any of you went to the UM athletics homepage and listened to the sound clips they have about the up coming playoff game. Ochs, Saenz, and Green have little clips on there. Ochs Basically says....they are good at stopping the run...we need to be able to throw as well as run...the receivers and I need to come out and and do well. I think he read my mind. :wink:

I dont know how bad his shoulder is? I dont think it is that bad though? I mean if he only sits out a couple of plays then is back in there, how hurt is he really? If it is bad, that shows what confidence our coaches have in our backup QB's. Isn't it his left shoulder anyway?
Yeah it is the left shoulder.....

And He didn't get the injury against MSU....he just tweaked it more.

And if it is a slight seperation.....it would have effects on how he throws, no matter which shoulder it is.

We have a back up QB? :eek:

And it would sure explain a lot of things if it is a problem, and the coaches know that.