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I was tryin to not say this........


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But Disney is not the QB we need in there. Why did he pick #5???? He crused himself, and I really look foward to the return of OCHS.

I hate Qb controvery.....but, we can NOT have a QB that get 30 passes a game, and only 150 yards per.......and throws more ints than TDS. That will not get it done in the BSC. I reallly try to cheer for the guy.....but he makes it hard. Sorry.

Hoping that Ochs can return to his Colorado form and stay heathy, or we will be cursing a lot on this board. :evil:
Sorry I do not share your pessimism on Disney. While he made some mistakes, Duh, he did play better than last week. With the offensive line play that we have been getting, I am not even sure Ochs would have saved this game. But, still, it sure would be great to get Ochs back. Still do not want to see Hartman lose his redshirt as even I wanted to see what he could do in the second half.
After watching Disney for two weeks now, I might agree with you on a few points.
However, I must point out a couple of things....
1. This offense is now based not up designed route calls but QB and WR reads. Disney doesn't know were they ball is going to be going as much as we do. No play is ever the same. This is a new system with a pretty shaky fall camp because of the inability to get quality practices. Checking the progressions is not as easy when you are just introduced into it.
2. Disney may not be our QB, but I am fairly confident that Ochs would have struggled early as well. To this extent, I am not sure. Disney's play calls and passes are as much to do with what our coaches have introduced. I think many of the mistakes lie in the introduction of an offense that takes forever to learn and to perfect.
His choices on 3rd down were suspect, whether it be designed but it looked as if he didn't trust his reads. I hope that it is just early in this offensive scheme. Hopefully he will get better. Because Ochs or hartman right now aren't ready.
I should clarify....I have never seen Ochs play as a Griz. I did see him play years ago at CU. He was awesome there. He makes great decisions. But it has been along time ago.

Ever since the spring game where Diz threw the grip of ints, I have wondered if he would be prone to the turn over...... and so far he is. Also struggles with consistancy. Puttting all the checks and reads aside.......if a guy is open 20 yards down field and you overthrow him by 5 yards...that is bad. :roll: But then he will roll off 3 or 4 great passes, right on the money...... But I want a guy who will hit wide open WRs everytime..... I know, we are spoiled at UM because of Bennett, Dickenson, Ah Yaht, Miller.....ect. But that is what you need to win the Big Sky.

I do NOT know if Ochs will do better....I only hope so, because we need a better QB to win. It is ALL about the QB in the BSC. And as I stated above.....if you are getting 30 passes and only have 150 yards one TD and TWo picks every game...........it will be a REAL long season. And I am assuming that the BSC has at least three teams with better Defenses than NDSU. :roll:
I agree, Ochs was a great QB at Colorado. I really do believe the 150 and one td performance is in part to the new offense. By no means does that fully explain his performance. There weren't a lot of wide open recievers to throw to today. Cause there weren't a lot of sharp routes. Everything just seemed slow.
I think Ochs is a better QB, I thought that from spring as well. Who knows, only time will tell.
all QBs have a tough time when the D knows what your are going to do. Hell every fan in the stands knows, we run for 2 or less yrds up the gut on 1st down, then after a false start we attempt 2 short 4 of 5 yard pass plays, or maybe a creative sweep , then we punt so we can wear down our defense cause its Sooooo deep.
When we hamstrig our own offense be consistantly putting the in 2nd and 3rd and long what should we expect.
JE was a better QB than most Griz fans give him credit for. He gutted it out and got it done. But, he was still hampered by subpar play calling.

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