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I think this years Griz are very exciting


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We've had our problems, we've had some breakdowns, we've had some injuries. The Coaches are new and learning. The Defensive Backfield needs a lot of work.


This has been an exciting year so far. Each game seems more and more crucial. That's exciting. The league is balanced and we could have close games with each and every team, that's exciting.

We have some new players that are exciting, Ochs, Green, Hilliard.

I'm really enjoying watching this team come together. And whether they end up 10-2, 9-3, or 8-4. This team has a lot of potential.

They put up a tremendous battle yesterday. They left their blood, guts, and hearts on that field. And even though they lost it was one of the most exciting games and I am truly proud to be a Griz today.

A couple good transfers to the Defensive Backfield next season and we could go undeafeated.
Yes and you can bet that Talmage won't take his eye off the ball in the red zone again! Ochs will throw the fade just a little bit deeper with Talmage next time and that Segers will keep running toward the end zone corner instead of stopping as well!

These are things that they will learn from this game and make them better!

I think it's going to be exciting the rest of the year!
Yeah, what they said, and how they said it.

Hey GRIZ, that was a hell of a team effort. As stated above, we've still got a couple areas to work on but you know that better than I. Like all GRIZ fans I can't wait for next weeks game.