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I smell . . . . . . TURNOVERS! (mmmm cherry)


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From the Fargo paper

NCC football: Center changes hands
By Jeff Kolpack
The Forum - 09/03/2003
North Dakota State center Rob Hunt has a simple solution to an injured right hand. Snap the ball with his left.

Easier said than done -- like a right-handed power hitter in baseball learning how to hit from the left side -- but Hunt is giving it his best this week.

“They throw you a curve ball and you have to play with it,” Hunt said.

Hunt was injured in NDSU’s 28-7 win Saturday over Tusculum (Tenn.) College. He sustained muscle damage to his right thumb, although he kept playing despite the pain.

He’ll wear a soft cast for about two weeks.

Hunt began snapping the ball with his left hand in Monday’s practice. He and quarterback Tony Stauss fumbled the first couple of snaps, but both adapted.

“I’m getting used to it,” Stauss said. “I think we’ll be all right. We just have to work hard at it.”

There’s more to Hunt’s change than just snapping the ball. In essence, everything he’s done for three years is now opposite. Whereas his first step used to be with his right foot, it now will be his left.

“The things you didn’t think about,” he said. “It’s like being a rookie again.”

Hunt said he will pull himself from the lineup if he feels he can’t do the job. The Bison play at the University of Montana Saturday.

“It went well yesterday,” Bison offensive line coach Pat Perles said Tuesday. “We’ll just keep looking at it.”

If Hunt can’t go, the Bison will most likely move right guard Mark Sanders to center, or promote backup Hugh Medal. Sanders began his career as a center.

But it appears Hunt will at least give it a try.

“It shows how tough of a player he is,” said left tackle Nick Zilka. “He’s up for anything. He can take a jab and keep on going and he’ll get it done.”

Readers can reach Forum reporter Jeff Kolpack at (701) 241-5546
Ugh..."muscle damage to his right thumb"

Shzt makes me cringe just thinking about it. I had a chronically jammed thumb in high school one year during hoop season, and that hurt like mad, but it was never so bad I had to wear a cast. That sucks.
In a lot of ways I wish they wouldnt play Rob Hunt. I would like to see the hand healed for the conference games yet to come. Rob Hunt is a pre season all american and is getting some looks from the pros. Both the coaches and Hunt know best I guess. I hope for the best of course.

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