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I like it


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http://m.missoulian.com/sports/college/montana/football/resiliency-test-griz-start-camp-tuesday-eye-return-to-prominence/article_bad594cc-fca5-11e2-b46c-001a4bcf887a.html?mobile_touch=true" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Nice read. I like the picture of the silver helmets. Are those new?

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I'm stoked about this upcoming season!! Hopefully the boys all come together and have a really impressive season. Plus this 5-6 record is getting old.
quote from article about the Griz

They also finished next to last in the nation in pass defense, allowing 288.4 yards per game.

wow, lets see....who was it that was scolding us with having lack of knowledge of the game, cover schemes and lame arm chair coaching insights, when those of us were saying that the secondary was in need of changes this year because last year sucked........well the proof is out......Ty knows it............. or does he?

ok more quotes from the article:

Ty says,
Frankly I’m going to put a lot on the front seven....If you’re sacking the quarterback, how are they still getting those throwing yards?

really....while this may be quite possibly true this cannot be your only strategy to take the slack off of secondary pass coverage?
i was hoping he would say that we will have the best secondary in the league so bring it on and oh, then there's the front 7 as a pivotal piece of the equation as well.

one last quote:

Montana’s key roleplayers in the secondary. Junior free safety Matt Hermanson and senior strong safety Bo Tully should make strides in 2013

Yikes.......should make strides in 2013.........if they don't make radical strides then that first quote i led off with.........second in the nation in pass defense........can only be improved and lends to his statement to put alot on the front 7 is totally accurate.............and scary.

ty should know that hermy and bo are men now and he can raise the bar on them...so they can prove to him that they can play very well at this level.........if the reverse happens to be true then they are out of position or whatever and hopefully he will make the changes this fall.