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I Know for Sure I'm Going to Catch Flack for This


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OK, accuse me of sleeping with him I don't care. But UPWIMT posted these links to Kelly articles on another thread. I thought they deserved their own thread. I guess I'm a tireless promoter. But after reading them I'm thinking we might have a tough time getting him. He's the REAL DEAL big time, loved by everyone. And considered a bonified genius offensively and defensively.

WARNING! Be forewarned! If you read these articles you will love this guy. Don't read them if you don't want to become a fan.



The key to the game for GVSU? On offense it was a slow, deliberate pace fueled by 32 carries for 143 yards by Spearmon

Doesn't sound like a wide open fun to watch offense to me.
You want fun or National Championships GoGriz??? I don't see any pass happy teams in the Final Four 1AA today. In fact go back for us and tell us how many 50+ pass a game teams has won the National Championship since the 1AA's inception? One, the 1995 DD team. And that was a special team, one that comes along rarely that can win with the pass only.