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I joined Syracuse Fan forums.


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I just joined their fan base forum site, the security answer to sign up is lacrosse (the Syracuse sport that has won the most national titles).
I've perused some of their basketball section posts, and so far most of the posts I've seen, seem to be decent, and I made a few posts myself.
Got an interesting response I figured I should pass on to this forum:
you can click the link above to find it, or just read the quoted response below.

"Hey, consonance, good to see a Griz fan here - I noticed on your board that a lot of people weren't able to get registered here, and I found that unfortunate since I was hoping to have/read some good conversations with some of your fanbase.

I feel the need to inform you that not all posters here are uninformed, cynical wiseasses, and I hope you are able to tell which are which.

Best of luck to you, and I hope we pound the crap out of you."
I was able to finally get in, but it took 3 tries. Thankfully Stoney was in contact with a mod there who asked that apply again today. Got in within 5 minutes that time.

They would like to seem some Griz fans over there. All in all a pretty good group it seems like. We see worse by far from Montana State fans on our own board. :D
The place you want to be is our blog,
http://www.nunesmagician.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

It started out using some freebie sight and ended up pretty popular and now ESPN links it. Its where the reasonable fans gather to gripe.

I've read some posts and I must say I am impressed with your insistance on actually discussing stats and stuff. Great forum here!

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