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I hate baseball


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I'm writing this right after the Cubs blew it in Game 6 of the NLCS with the help of one of their own fans. Here's a sport where the best fans (Chicago and Boston) have to repeatedly suffer heart-breaking losses, endure "curses" against their own team, and can go 95+ years without being rewarded a championship. This is a sport based completely on failure. All you get are bizzare plays that lead to losses that are remembered as the greatest moments in baseball. At least football, basketball, and hockey forgives its losers every now and then. In baseball there's no hope. The only teams that can even think about a championship are the evil Yankees (almost always) or one of several random teams that no one cares about. The Cubs and Red Sox are eternally screwed. The end.
bah! the cubs have to blame someone. did the fan account for the runs that happened after the missed FOUL ball? Didn't think so.

I was rooting for the Cubs and Sox, but in the end the Marlins played to win the Cubs played not to lose. The sox simply didn't have the payroll and yet still should have won game 7.

at least the Sox cut Kim from their lineup.