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I didn't hear a fat lady singing...


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Ok, after I got done puking...

... I gathered my thoughts and composure.

The Good...
The season aint over. We lost in a flat second half to a team that was hungrier for this game. Good win for the Cats as much as that hurts to say. From what I've read so far, many of you Cat fans have class, many of you don't. Hope your post season brings you back to our house for a rematch. As much as I've harped on Kane Ioane, the guy can play football and gave a classy interview at the end of the game...

The Bad...
We lost by two huge plays.. (ko return and INT for the TD). We stunk in the third quarter.

The Ugly...
Very questionable calls by the refs. Did we lose because of this? No, but it sure didn't help either.

Hopefully see you all in WA/GRIZ in one week.

Lets pick ourselves up Griz.. the season ain't over yet.
The season ain't over yet, I second that!!! Let's lick our wounds and kick some post-season butt of whoever the selection committee sends our way!!!!! :mad:
Nice picture GGG !

I'm tryin to eat dinner! :lol:

Sometime in the 4th qtr someone asked me if I wanted anything, (drink, etc.) I said, "No, just hand me a puke bag." The hostess said, "We're out of 'em!" Gotta laugh.