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I apologize for my unruly "crabby" post


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I was at my wits end last Sat (and that doesn't take a lot right now! :wink: )......having watched LSU play like grade schoolers....then coming home to watch the Griz..... thinking we would KILL them...not only in Yards...but in score..... and I have been under a lot of stress not having the wife around.

None of the above excuses my Weak Behavior while posting Saturday Night. I apologize.

I did go back and re-read my thread, and found that the facts are true....but there was alot of stuff I said about the Game Plan, that while it maybe true, was not needed. I am not worried about a "w" against a weaker team, but my post is more addressed towards...what will happen when we play a good team?

I get real fired up about the Griz....and I have been a Griz fan for a LONG time now. I was often among the crowds of 2-3,000 at Dornblaser....so I need to remind myself...no matter how bad you think it is....it could be A LOT worse! (I think there are more people that post on Egriz than use to go to the Griz games!) :lol:

While somethings happening this year give me heartburn, I will try from here on to not share my pain.....and to keep an optistic eye toward our future triumphs. I do think that Great teams find a way to win even when things ain't going their way. The Griz have done that a few times already this year. Maine and WSU. I still think the best has yet to come. This week is BIG. Again, I am sorry for the negativity and whinning. I have a new tune to sing today. :)

Geaux Griz!!!!!