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How to piss off a Grizzly...


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The only smack-talking Bobcat fans have to do this week is mention the Bobcats, and then refer to them as Big Sky champs. Man alive, I can't believe how worked up you guys get about that. It is really pretty damn funny, I can envision you all getting completely red in the face and yelling profanities at your computer screen, and then throwing random objects around the room! Honestly, cool down, it's not that big of a deal. More often than not, it is simply a lot easier to say "Big Sky champs" than to preface it with an awkward-sounding "co." And if you want to get nitpicky about it, we DID take the automatic bid... :wink:
Sorry bozo your right, I forgot that you did get the Automatic bid and got sent on the road.

Since I have moved from Missoula I lost all concept of that automatic bid. I just assumed that since we played at home during the first round of last years playoff, we had the automatic bid. Silly me.

Guess that automatic bid isn't all its crackedup to be...
Naw, if you really want to piss off a Grizzly, I recommend you arm yourself with a pellet gun and try to take some meat off a Grizzly's carcass in the Lamar Valley.

If you want to piss off a Bobcat, just take away his Kitty-Scritty.
Hey bozo, the difference between cat fans and griz fans is we are not satisfied with mediocre. Co Champs is not good enough for us, where as it would make your whole season to be considered a Co Champ. Neither the cat fans or players have a winners attitude. You guys might want to change your name to the MSU mediocre cats cause thats all you will ever be.
good one, the Mediocre Cats. How'd you think of that. I hope you enjoy watching the mediocre cats beat the griz and win the Big Sky for the second strait year. You can call it a shared title all you want, but last time I checked the cats beat you guys in Missoula and have A trophy that sais BIG SKY CHAMPS!!![/b]
Hey its OK BOZO our Head coach has class, Your HEAD COACH got cuffed and thrown in jail for selling DRUGS to Grade School Students, don't think many griz fans would want to trade places with any cat fans,.

(Co- ) is a part of the english language thats just fine to leave out of GRIZ -kitty week

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