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How to pack the Adams Center


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I was trying to figure out ways that we could pack the Adams Center during the basketball games next year. What would it take to get all of you to go to the basketball games, at least those who live in Missoula? I think it would be really "cool" to have a sponsored night where a ton of people came to the game next year and to get everyone fired up about the basketball games. If you have any ideas on how we might possibly do this let me know here. Thanks, Chris (eGriz.com)
Well, I live in Great Falls and I always say I am going to make it to a Griz basketball game and I never do. In order for me to make it to a basketball game it would have to be before the new year because after that it is tax season and I am pretty busy. What would it take to fill the seats? An awesome team. Since I live on the other side of the mountains, I am interested in how Mike Chavez will do for the Griz and Katie Edwards and Kayla Lambert for the Lady Griz. Especially Katie Edwards since I was born in Lewistown. Hopefully, I will make it to a basketball game next season.

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Friday Saturday sucks, but Friday Sunday afternoon might work. I realize the Griz have no control over conference scheduling, however non-conf. games on Sunday or maybe a different week night might bring in some folks. A winning team is a given.
Do you think getting the student section back will increase the attendance, at least for students?
Sure have heard a lot of talk to that effect but I am not so sure. They have moved them to floor level under the North basket which is not a bad place to be, especiallly when the dreaded opponents are shooting free throws. In fact they are better than my seats. (Southeast corner, upper level)The students could certainly get "zoo like" there and until they do I wouldn't move them. The fat cats keep their seats, mainly because most of them are huge contributors to the program and that is as it should be. Students could do as I do and that is, sneak into the unused fat cat seats. Of course once the winning begins that option will diminish. The students haven't proved to me at least, that they deserve better seats.
Not that it would happen, but how about recruiting more native american players. As evidenced by state tourneys, the NA contingent packs a house like no other fans. Period! Leo Bullchild is a player who could have played D-1 ball anywhere. To support that, remember the '01 state title Browning won? Leo was all over the 6'9" guy from Stevi. Not a thing he could do stop Leo. Leo is only 5'10".
I like the Friday - Saturday games. Please, I hope they never schedule another game on Sunday. Sunday games have always been the least attended games. Moving the students to where they were, would help a little. Getting rid of the Football team would help. Ha, but that won't happen. The AD or School president that did that would have their heads on a chopping block. But football does have an affect on basketball attendance. Football getting so far into the basketball season as it has been, has kept quite a few fans away. By time football got over, students are gone for 4 to 5 weeks. By time they are back there really isn't that much of the season left for the students to get excited about. Fix for this, is to shorten the winter break.

UM did promote the basketball teams this past season, but they didn't promote the games. The promotions I have seen, was a billboard advertising Griz Basketball, and a TV commercial. But these ads made no mention of what games were coming up at all. Plus, having some games where all the remaining seats (not just North end seats) are $2.00 or $3.00 each with some promotional advertising would help. A good time to do this promotion type of promotion is non-conference season and period when all the students are gone on break.
Wow, there are a lot of good points here. We need to figure out how to put them all together and make the basketball games huge. I am a big believer that the fans play a huge (i mean huge) role in the success of a team. It can be seen in the football team!! Keep rollin in the ideas, the more the better :smile:

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I think the number one thing they could do to increase attendance is to start selling beer at the games.
Hey, beer at the games, I like it. Let's do it at the FB games too then I wouldn't have to sneak it in. Big revenue inhancer also.
Let's make it the eGriz mantra.."Beer at the Games!"
Thanks C-Eagle. How many coaches u know of that got fired after gettin their team to the Dance? Jus wonderin'. Also eGriz might wanna do somethin' bout the 'baby bear' by ur name, right?

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