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How is Everyone Doing on NCAA 2004?


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Just wondering how everyone else is doing on NCAA 2004.

I've practiced a lot and finally began my 'dynasty' by replacing the SunBelt with all BigSky teams. Im playing in JV mode, just to get more a feel for things.

So far Im 2-0. I've trounced both Texas A&M & Arkansas pine bluff. I actually ran a kick back with Segars, totally cool. My offense is kickin ass and I seem to get at least 2 picks a game on D.

On D, I basically chose the best formation and let the game take over. When there is a pass, I'll switch to the closest guy(X) and then make a play for it (Triangle). Anyone else have any tips for defense?

On a whole, this game is a blast. Can't wait for the regular season to start so I can start making my predictions based on my PS2 pre-games. And yes, the whole Montana State Bobcats thing is annoying as hell, but Im getting over it.

Lets hear how everyone else is doing.
URL not found....what...I just lost my summary. So here is the abbreviated version....or not so abbreviated.

GGG, wait till you get to the off season stuff. It is so freaking fun to recruit. My first season I simulated about half of the season so I could get to the recruiting to see what it had to offer.

The recruiting looked overwhelming, so I simulated it to see what kind, quality of players it would give me. NOT GOOD.

So I played my second season all the way thru. 1 loss to North Texas, but I beat Miami and a couple other top teams. I don't know how I lost to N.Texas, but I did. I finished in the top 10 in the nation and my coach won the coach of the year. I also had a few linemen on the first and second team all american squad. My contract was extended to 9 years with the Griz....take that legistators....a contract.

This brought me to my first real season of recruiting. Recruiting seems tricky at first, but it isn't that complicated at all. I came out of the off season with 2 great QB's, a good WR, some good LB's, and a good Kicker.

Waller was hurt in my second season, and decided not to play the 3rd season. This was not good, because he was the man.

3rd season I switched to Miami Ohio's playbook from run and gun.

With Zeke Horner, my Blue Chip Fresman QB, at the helm I move to more of a running option type game. My 3rd season was flawless untill I accidentaly simulated thru Louisiana Monroe and was delt a loss. F@#. I was very mad, but had played 5 games in a row, and wasn't about to play them all again. I had been ranked 3rd in the nation after beating Va. Tech, Miami, and Tenn. but was moved back to 19th. I finished season 3 with one loss from the simulation. Zeke was second in the Heisman race, and unlike last season I wasn't awarded coach of the year.

After that stellar season I was able to entice more top notch players and finished with the 6th or 8th or something best recruiting class in the nation.
Hope you don't mind an Eagle's recap . . .

Well, after moving the Southern Conference into the Sunbelt, I managed to go 14-0 in season one (playing the HBCU's for non-conference games) and ended #2 in the nation.

After the season, I was invited to join the SEC, which was great for recruiting, but made winning a little more difficult, but I managed to go 10-2 and get a bid to the Gator Bowl in which I defeated Penn State and finished in the top 15.

After recruiting a great option quarterback, I romped though the SEC and a fairly tough non-conference schedule (which included Florida State), I won GSU's seventh NC (Ok, it was the first on the game, but I couldn't resist :D ), I'm currently 12-0, Back-to-Back SEC champs and playing Oklahoma for a repeat National Championship.

And, in an odd twist of fate, despite running the option and only using one pass play (in the Air Force playbook, the option pass . . . by the way, if you switch to an option based attack, Air Force has a great playbook), I was able earn the Best Reciever of the year with 19 touchdown receptions and over 1,000 yards receiving, not something GSU is likely to do.

I need to add some of the dominant 1-AA schools into a conference (may add you guys into the Sun Belt and say good bye to ETSU since they're leaving anyway) and see how the 1-AA's best stack up in the game.
That's sweet eagle. I was wondering how you could switch conferences. Thanks for the update.
JahGriz said:
That's sweet eagle. I was wondering how you could switch conferences. Thanks for the update.

I got an invite, but my brother just thought big and put GSU in the Big East (of course, he loses to Miami and Va. Tech every year).

I hope they can add the rest of the 1-AA in next year's edition.
Just got the 2004 version. I like all the new additions, with some minor exceptions.

I put the BSC in the Sunbelt and put the Southern and some other 1-aa teams in another and put the a-10 in the MAC and put the good gateway teams in the big east.

Without playing a game my Griz are ranked 107...now i know how Idaho feels. :p My schedule is a 3 star.

I've done a practice game with my team to see what i've got vs Colorado. I got smoked on Heisman. 21-0...but i shoule have kicked 3 FGS. Keep in mind i've played this game in whichever form it was in since the early 90s....so i can safely judge that the Griz should be a little better than they are given credit for in wr and qb. However, i do conceed that Heisman is tough anyway and the cbs in that level of play are like glue.

Also, using the game cube version the PA guy says Montana State EvERY TIME!!!!!
One thing that last years game did was have Corso and Herbie doing play by play every game if you wanted them too. Its very dull without them.
I guess i could have Holien come over and call the game for me...

Even with its flaws this game has me pumped for the real thing!!!!!!!

One last thing, anyone who likes madden will like to know that the outgoing seniors and notable jrs and sophs can be drafted from NCAA2004 into MAdden 2004. I dont have the time myself.
alright GrizMania...

As a note, you will get the comentators (corso and herbie) if you play a televised game..there is a setting to turn on the commentators for Play Now. Otherwise in dynasty mode you need to schedule teams that would actually be on TV, untill you build up you team and earn your own TV spots.

That is pretty darn good to step right in and only loose by 21 on Heisman, against the Buffs. I'm guessing the A.I. is a bit better than the previous version, making Heisman even thougher than the previous version you have played.
I rematched the buggers and was up 21-0 before things briefly fell apart and they came back with 21 points, but i showed em...won 27-21.

The AI is indeed different. The corners cover like glue and it borders on rediculous at this point. however, once i get used to this version i'll do better.

I then played #8 Georgia at UG and beat them 24-21. They scored 2 TDs on INTS in the 4th. both times the corner came from 20 yards away after the ball was thrown to make the pic. #7 for UG is amazing.
Ochs was pouting after the first one, but then he hurt his hip and Disney made the next one...both my fault really though. Bad MANIa BAD!!
Running is a little easier between the tackles, but the option is covered better, a little.

Oh, also grahics are better than 2003, and they added more Corso sayings. :lol:

After i finish a season i'll let you know how recruiting compares.
If you want to run out side of the tackles the best offense to run is Texas's. I have played 2004 only briefly, but it appears that the offensive package for Texas hasn't changed that much. Find any offense that has the ability to the power option and you can run outside quite well. They also have a play action set that allowed me to get the heisman for my QB and best WR.
Another hint, get your audibles set up. Especially if you chose to run outside and the defense shifts, you are in big trouble. I have been playing a dynasty in which I created my own program (Central Montana University) and I am into the fourth season. Recruiting is a pain, because unless it is changed it all, the computer gives you random signees that aren't worth a dang. Your star rankings increase every year that you do well. I am now up to 5 stars and currently ranked 5th in the nation. That makes it a lot easier to recruit. Make sure to delete those interested players from your list that are 1 star that you don't want from your list of offerees. Then your quality of players will be better than way and you don't waist your scholarships.
I would also get a memory card for only this game. It takes up a ton of memory and if you save all your draft classes and whatnot, you won't be able to run similar games because it won't allow you to save anything.
I can't wait to play 2004 more because the game seems a quite a bit better than the 2003 model.
If you're feeling a bit ummm how do I put this gently, ummmm oh heck if you want to cheat then after the season is over and before you start the next season go and create a propect who is from Montana or whatever state your school is from as they will tend to be "homeboys" and will be easier to recruit unless you're playing as the "bobkittens" :D . Also if your school is in a state like Florida, California, Texas etc. then they will tend to want to go to the big schools in that state so be careful there.
G-24...did you happen to call your made up team the BlueHawks? :wink:

As for running....for me, i like to run inside the tackles and if i do go outside i use an option usually. But we all have what works best for us.

For recruiting, in the last game a "trick" used was this:
If you could see you were gonna need a rb, then just before the end of season set your coaching settings so that you run either an option offense or balenced run. If you need qb or wr then balanced pass or pass heavy seemed to work best.

Also, if you're good at rb and bad at wr, run a flex-bone/spread option and pass to either rb as their the slot wrs. if do run the option sub your fastest wr to qb in option formations leaving the passing qb to play only in formations where you're likely to pass. I've noticed if i've got poor talent that you can do more running the ball and playing Jim Tressel ball where you run down the clock quick and keep it close at least giving yourself a chance to win...i took duke from worst to first over the course of a few seasons doing that...once i was good i could get decent linemen and could then pass like a normal human. :D
I thought about it, but I decided for the wolves. Plus I am struggling with the fact even today, that the bluehawks fight song is entirely too much like the pussycats.
But hey watch out in class B this year, we have a stout football squad up here in Thompson Falls. Just as long as we don't run into those wheat fed boys from Fort Benton. So when you are all not attending griz games this fall on Saturday, you all should come at watch a little Bluehawk football. That is if you can get over the striking similarities in the fight song...Plus it should be interesting in the west without Frenchtown to kick the daylights out of people...
Yeah, good analysis on the game. I noticed the same too. I was running airforces offense for awhile, but i had a cruddy QB. I eventually cut him from the team because his attitude was horrible?...ha ha ha...
G-24, Is Damaskos(sp?) plaing FB for Tfalls?. I remember that while he was in Jr high he was a pretty good athlete, but sometimes kids lose interest.

In regard to Frenchtown, your're right. all the western B schools are lucky they moved up, though they were beatable once in a great while.
Look for one of the Broncs-who was a frosh last year-to be legit divII possibly 1-aa. His older brother was offered and i think played (though i haven't talke to their dad for a long time) at Air Force(or was it Army?).
I went to a FT game last year and the turnout was great for class B or A, and was about like a Missoula HS FB game in attendance, though the FT crowd is way louder.

Good luck this fall at TFs.
BTW did the Wurst girl end up going to Noxon? i was told she's pretty good at hoops, but that might be relative for the area. She has some height, but not center-like. I've only seen her in passing and not playing ball.