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How Fitting!

Agent 00Pike

Well-known member
Seeing as how the Griz have regained their perch at the top of the conference I'm thinking a suggestion should be made to whoever plays the stadium music that perhaps a healthy dose of Aerosmiths Back In The Saddle might be appropriate.
As for the outcome Saturdays game. Beyond my wildest expectations! :D
Now I just hope that NAU doesn't pack it in for the season before they take ISU out of the picture for us first.
Speaking of stadium songs, I've always thought...particularly for a home playoff game... that an old Mission Mountain Wood Band song, I think titled "Mountain Standard Time" would be an excellent choice. Has kind of a Cotton Eye Joe sound with a little more regional relevance to Montanans. Anyone remember this song and/or agree?
Great idea! It's always been a favorite MMWB song of mine, and certainly fits Missoula and the Griz.