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How bout them Saints!!


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They beat Central Washington on the road today 38-28. the same team that beat MSU at their homecoming last year. Quite a progam VAn Diest is running there.

Oh when the Saints, go marching in, Oh When the SAints go marching in......
Yes, I watched it too. Great game! I loved Emmert's bootleg for a TD on 4th and 1 -- gutsy call! Go Saints! Go Griz!
It was a gutsy call and Emmert showed nice speed. Emmert and Galick are very solid players, who may have been able to play at a higher level. It's hard to say, but they are very good.
I saw one Div. II preseason ranking where Central Washington was number 5. Grand Valley was number 1 again.

North Dakota State wasn't even in the top 25. We better cream them as it will be an embarrassment if it is close. We got criticized last year for our performance against a number 5 rated N. Colorado.

This is a big feather in the Saint's cap.
Actually, in the rankings that count, Central Washington was number 1. They also beat UC Davis last year, who I beilieve beat Suck St. I know you can't compare scores and I will not do that, but wow.
Another impressive part of Carroll's win is that they found themselves down right away. After the first two possessions, Central Washington held a 10-0 lead---and many teams would have curled up and died right there. But they went to work--- Emmert was hitting Gallik and the defense tightened up--- they actually scored the next 31 points to lead 31-10. Let's hope the Griz are just as effective in their opener on the road. In the meantime, very impressive victory Mike Van Diest!
If Carroll keeps this up people are going to clamor for a meeting between the Saints and Griz to see the best team in Montana (sorry Cats), although we all know that the Griz would win.
Harmon had a real accurate prediction for the game: Central Washington 42, Carroll 7. Doh!
as a CWU Alum....I can tell you, that program is LOADED.....and Carrol showed em up big time......

hat's off to the Saints..... that NAIA leauge is gonna be fun between Carroll & Montana Western....if they are bracketed seperately in the NAIA playoffs....they could meet for the National Championship

go see a "Small guy"football game sometime....they are old school....fun too watch

Go Griz
I'm going to go watch Butte Tech play Carroll this weekend (I know that makes me like the WORST Griz Fan ever but I promised Kyle that I would) and personally I will be cheering for Tech!!!!!!!!!

You might be their rooting for Tech, but I would guess you won't be doing much cheering!

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Ouch loyal! :p I love Kyle too much to not cheer even if they suck, but I also happen to have a kid that I could cheer for that plays for the Saints if I need to ;)
Well it was actually a great game to watch and I had plenty of reasons to cheer for Tech. I really think Tech would have won if Carroll wouldn't have broken Jay's ankle. But still, to even go into double overtime against a supposedly way superior team is great. I was very impressed with them. AJ did an amazing job for his first start at QB. (Okay maybe I am a little biased since it's Aaron, but still he did good) and though I did not enjoy being covered in beer thanks to the Carroll fans, it was definitely fun being in the middle of the Hooligans Cheering Section! :p
Tech played well. Once again, on any given saturday................. Carroll should be the class of the conference but you have to strap it on every saturday. Us Griz now have a better understanding of that. That being said, I wouldn't mind have Tyler Emmert in the Griz program right now. Although I still think both Disney and obviously Ochs are fine.