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How bout that ass woopin!!! Who's house is it??? Crybabies

What is the best excuse for the loss at ISU?

  • The nose bleed seats affected our thoughts

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  • No blue star ointment for Depend's jock itch

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  • Coach Cock should go back to coaching cheerleading

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  • We didn't have our rally sheep

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  • The curse of the lonely sheep

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What's the excuse? Shoulda, coulda, but didn't??? Crybabies??? I was at the MU tailagating party and I found that your fans are extremely stupid and cocky. Not only do they believe in a team with no heart, but your retarded fans wear long sleeve shirts in 80 degree weather. Sheeplovers!!! What do you make your Depends' with? Wool? I told you everyone would crap their pants after they lost!!!

For the fans that are going to read this message tonight or tommorrow, I hope you had a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong ride home. See ya next year gizz!!!


Go Bengals!!!

2 co-conference champions down, who's left? NAU is next baby!!!
Bungholethusiast you got no room to call anyone stupid. First off it's UM not MU and we were tailgating not tailagating, jackoff. And I want to show you what class is so you could learn something this is what GoodGodGriz posted on the other side.

I sure as hell am glad it went down like that.

What a game!

The only disappointments were the D-Lines ability to put ANY pressure on their QB at all, and the weak secondary. The O did great, Talmage finally had a break out game, Ochs was the commander in chief, and the coaching staff was dead on.. all day.

This one was a classic! What a back alley slugfest.. this is what Big Sky Conference Football is about!!

Even if your pissed the Griz lost, you gotta admit it was a great game that kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

You gotta respect the Bengals, they played great today. Hats off to them and their program. This was a respectable loss and a game I'll never forget.

My apologies to my neighbors for running in the backyard and yellind 'TOUCHDOWN MONTANA' most of the afternoon!

Call me a sugar coater all you want... this was a great game, regardless of the of the outcome.
Oh yeah, I just wanted to add. I have no class like GGG so F :fist: CKOFF, you sheepfu*#ing Jackass. I know the Bungholes winning the game today was the highlight of your miserable, pathetic, looser, sheepfu*#ing life and you will probably spend the rest of the night jacking off to the bunghole sheepf*#ing song. So enjoy you limp dicked, peice of sh1t. :fist:

**Edited for a little bit too racy of comments, but thanks Rob... :wink:
Awww.....just cute. MyBungholeIsDooziest knows how to vent.
Had lots stored up huh? 2nd win in 21 years against the Griz. :wink:
The 'Cats prolly dont feel so bad knowing that. 2 in 18 for them. :D
behgalthusiast, a possible MORON???? NO, definitely a MORON!!!!

grassgrunt, that is freakin hilarious!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

As for bunghole.......let me give you a little inside info.
When guys talk about the 'twins', we are referrring to the 'coors light twins'.
I would never ethically "rub salt in an open wound", but the gizz on this board are very pompous and I felt they deserve it. Give credit when credit is due. Both teams played well. Yes, the game could have gone either way. Ultimately, the better team won the game on Saturday.

Enough said. For the gizz, PSU should not be a difficult game. Your qb is back and your d is strong. That should be good for the win. As I posted on the MSU kitties board, the lumberjackoffs (no hard feelings lumbertreehugger) are entering the most difficult portion of their schedule. Good news for us. It is time to tack on three losses to NAU.

I will now resume my smack talk on the Weber board. Good luck the rest of the season.

Go Bengals!!!
bung hole you and NAU will fade once or twice before the end of the year, and we will win out ( or win the title, tough to overthrow the king...and we are still the Kings of the BSC).

if lucky, you may get a birth, and the road will ultimately go through missoula.... and we will add another victory to that 18-2 record against ISU over the last 20 years

Go Griz!
I had no intentions of replying to his/her pathetic post, but why are you so confident that "the road will lead through Mizzoula"? It is time to step away from your customized lazy-boy potty chair and realize that the BSC is up for grabs. I see four teams fighting for position. NAU seems to be the the team to beat. Maybe the road will lead to Flagstaff... Who can tell? Call Ms. Cleo and ask her what her prediction is. Stop with the arrogant comments that you are the allmighty and start thinking with an open mind. :microwave: Things are changing in the BSC.

I'm out of here.

Go Bengals!!!

Two co-conference champions down, only the strong survives!!!
Gotta love these guys who wait till after the game to really start talking trash. And the bunholes were far from kicking our ass...It was double OT you jackas$.
Bengalthusiast when you are up againts the wit and talent of grassgrunt you are way overmatched.

Hey, now I can add BENGALS SUCK to my CATS SUCK mantra.