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How about the razzle dazzle?


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Just wondering if everyone felt the same as I did when I saw Waller take a pitch, and then pass back to Disney. I was freaking goin nuts, thinkin... yeah!!!! the ol'e razzle dazzle!!! only to have it called back because of a penalty.

That would have been a huge play for the Griz... instead it sucked.

Do you think we'll see a bit more razzle dazzle type of plays in the future? It was obviously executed well. I think that the penalty was that a griz lineman 'fell' on his block, and they called him for holding.
I wasn't necessarily called back. There was a holding penalty beyond the line of scrimmage so they marched it back from the point of infraction. The play actually netted the Griz 7 yards for a first down and 3.

I believe there will be more interesting plays in the future. Count on it.
I agree GGG that it was certainly exciting to see that type of play being ran, it's been a long time coming. I hope we see many more plays like that. I think it's a taste of what's to come from this offense when they get going. I feel like they are going to put up some numbers this year!!!!

Can't wait for Saturday. Stop by the tailgate and say hello and have a cold one or six!