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Hot Cheerleader


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Anybody remember this cheerleader?

No, and its not a very good cut/paste job either.

She is hot though... gets my growl goin a bit if you know what I mean... :wink:
Looks like Ronbo's been visiting the naughty cheerleader fetish sites. Never been there myself...............honestly :angel:
How could you not remember a cheerleader that was as big as Mainhall.
We should have tried :mad: her at tight end?
There is no logo or the right school colors. GGG is right, nice cut and paste job. Now where is the link to that website. It's for education purposes. :wink:
grizpack said:
I do. It was at Stocks in the early 80's :wink:

Didn't she have a couple of cheers she was famous for?

The Griz are great
The Bobcats suck

Bend me over
I like to ........


Kramer's head is bald and hollow
Girls like me don't spit, we............

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