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Holy SH!T, I took 2nd Runner Up!


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WOW! Just got an email from EASPORTS that I placed second runner up in their GAMEFACE contest. Holy SHIPwrecks... too cool. I get three free games from EA GAMES..

Thanks guys for your support, thanks to my BRO for doing the art work.

"You like me... you really do like me!" :wink:

Link below for proof!

Quite frankly, I think you got screwed. Maybe we should have sent in a full body picture of you. Those guys looked like wusses.

I expected to see Oakland Raider type guys.

Great Job GGG - You won in my opinion. Hands down!!
I agree, Jim, you had that hands down!! One question. Why didnt ya submit the 'Darth' face? Personally, thats my favorite.
AGREE, you got robbed. I believe the other two served internships at EASports this last summer.

Well, since we're all voting here, then I completely agree with the others. Ya got SCREWED, man!! No question about it. :mad:
Go figure...
The other two look like clowns from a methadone circus.

You were hosed. Must of been nephews of EA or something. Their not even in the same class as you bro.

Congratulations Trippin' G !

You Da Man !
Hey GGG, the NZone is damn proud of you. Damn good job you did there. So, let me say it too..... you are DEFINITELY #1.... In our hearts and minds... you are a "head" trip... :p
they just do not appreciate fine art


anybody can jump in a can of green paint and put on a dollar store rainbow wig....even a bobcat fan.

congrats man

Man....too bad you could not have submitted the Darth Maul look in your avatar! You would have won hands down!

But I think you got a good deal there.....3 EA games will be fun for you and the young one.....but if you would have won the $ it would have ended up in the wife's purse! :wink:
The cash would have gone to the "Send TripleG to Chatanooga" Fund...

Guess the ole credit card will have to do this year.
I did the DarthMaul thing for the PSU game, the submission deadline for the contest was back in October 14th, so we couldn't have used it anyway... Oh well...