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Holt Arena...


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I love PhotoShop! 8)
Geez, your dumber than I thought.. Let me spell it out for you..

The cartoon guy is pissin on your arena... get it?

And it's BUNG-HOLES... as in, "You and your team are a bunch of BUNG HOLES..."

Maybe you should rename your Stadium "Dolt Arena"
Hey GGG, you could spell it, explain it, photo shop it, put it on film and I still think mildscat would be to dumb to understand what your trying to say. You gotta remember, he is a product of isu. Quite possibly the only group of people on the planet as dumb as msu fans.
He seems like he's a cat fan, but is pulling for Bengals with a screen name of Wildcat, which would make on believe he's a Weber dude...

Talk about split personalities... :roll:
Actually I am a Bobcat fan and a Kentucky Wildcat fan. But use Wildcat as my handle (i.e. see GO CATS at bottom of email). Of course I am pulling for Idaho State to beat the Griz. I'm a bobcat fan.

And yes, I did know what your picture meant .... I've seen many Calvin's pissing on Griz on car windows in this state.

...whatever, wildcat or whoever you are. BTW, what happened last week? Looks like the meth connection has fallen through. Another loss should pretty much seal the deal for the kittys this year....dang! One year and the dream is already over...must suck to be kitty. :lol:

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