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Hogan needs to do his Job & let Hauck GO

Greenacres Griz

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Since the EWU game last year the Grizzlies have gone 10-7. That is certainly not the record of the best team in I-AA. If we don't get control of this right away we could easily slip from being the premier team in I-AA to an also ran. Recruiting is going to suffer, attentdance will suffer & before we know it we will be an average team again. PLEASE DO SOMETHING HOGAN & LET BH GO SO WE CAN GET A CREAM OF THE CROP COACH TO LEAD THIS PROGRAM. MAYBE JEROME SOUERS IS THE WAY TO GO HE HAS GRIZ ROOTS & ALWAYS SEEMS TO DO ALRIGHT WITH NAU.
I didn't realize Hauck was coaching since we played EWU last year . . . .

I need to pay more attention obviously!
The only thing more idiotic than firing Coach Hauck in part because of 3 losses under Joe Glenn would be hiring the the coach of a team Montana CREAMED this year. Coach Hauck put together a record of 9 wins in his first year as head coach, and suffered 4 games in which Montana lost by a collective margin of 14 points. I'd say that is a pretty damned good record.

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