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Hey Geaux, what happened?????


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39 rushes and four rushing TD's vs NAU and only 27 passes.

Guess your prediction of us getting our butts handed to us if we ran the ball was wrong.

That's a mighty run heavy offense that scored 59 points.
oh my. can sacto really be THAT fun? slow down, rainbow. lose a couple of colors. please.

That is just silly. If you would pay attention, you would see that I said that if we run the ball 50+ times we would lose. You love twisting thingsto your advantage.....but when you have been defending the run...you say stuff like "well actually...since Ochs was sacked 5 times...that is really 5 more pass plays, and 5 less runs." Why not use that same logic here? That would bring the total to 30 passes and 36 runs.....much closer to being balanced than you make it out to be.......ain't math fun?

Also....Most of our running came with a huge lead and us trying to run the clock out. Your stats are scewed, and insignificant. It was the PASS first "O" in the first half....when the game was still in doubt. And the Pass opened up the run....a little bit.

I still maintain that if we would have run the ball 50+ times we would have lost......and that is even taking into account their best player being out....which I had not known at the time I said that earlier. I also didn't figure on TWO punt returns for TD......did you? :roll: But if you think we could just roll that same team trying to run the ball 50 times......well, then I guess talkin football with you would be pointless.

At anyrate....I can tell that you are itchin to find anything where you can come here and say..."See Geaux...you are wrong, and I am right!" I wish you well in your endevour.....however, you must realize that most opinions can never be solidified. Niether proven nor discredited. Also realize that I am not an extremist like yourself. I tend to be a sugar-coater with some acid-coater views. I like to call it "positive realist." :wink: Therefore, unlike yourself, I will not come with wild predictions and crazy, self-edifying stats.....
I guess nobody remembers who was the only swamy who called the win by 20 plus last week. :eek:

Just lookin for some love... :p
Ronbo, excuse me while I point out that the offense didn't score 59 pts. They scored a bunch...not 59. Defense and special teams can take credit for at least 21...more if you consider turn overs. yeah the offense did run, but this was the most we've thrown on 1st down all year....hence the pass opened up the run. I think the key to the game was the unpredictability...finally...of the play calls. They would over play the pass then we would run...they would over play the run and we would pass. they keyed so much on one thing at a time that big plays were made in dfferent areas. They just knew Ochs was going to hand the ball to Lex but low and behold, we didn't run into the pile and our beloved QB trotted into the endzone on a play action bootleg. They covered the run and the underneath recievers but forgot #8 has speed and we took it down field. The run alone would not have won this game. 3.2 per carry as opposed to 13 yards per pass. Not to mention we didn't turn the ball over while they turned it over 4 times.
What kinda logic is that griztastic? :wink:

Anybody, who knows more than 1/10 as much as they think they know, could see that the running game was the biggest reason for the victory. :roll: Haven't you had Logic 101, taught by professor Ronbo?
Just one quick point. The D-Line was in that freshman's face EVERYTIME he dropped back...they were outstanding!