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Here we Go!!


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The march to the championship and the playoffs officially gets underway this weekend with the start of the Conference schedule. The schedule for the Griz is pretty tough, they must play 3 teams that are ranked as of right now and Portland State has been putting up some big numbers. NAU sometimes plays the Griz close and obviously they won last year, but other times the Griz kick the crap out of them. I have a feeling the Griz are going to do exactly that on Saturday and put up a victory by at least 17 pts. A big win vs NAU in the first conference game will set the tone for the rest of the conference schedule. Not sure how many Big Sky teams they will put in the playoffs, pretty sure 3 will make it, so a loss vs NAU is not an option. Lets Go Griz, win the Big Sky!
To add to that Montana is the only team that has to play the top five teams from the BSC from last year(East Wash, Mt St, Cal Po, NAU, and Sac St). Furthermore of those five, none of them even have to play all of the other four.
East Wash don't have to play NAU or Sac St.
Mt St don't have to play Cal Po or Sac St.
Cal Po don't have Mt St.
NAU don't have to play East Wash.
Sac St don't have East Wash or Mt St.

Then again they all have to play us so I guess that's tuff enough for em'.