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Who is a better QB?

  • Lulay

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  • Ouch

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  • A newly wed sheep to Shake and Bake

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  • Nastystdgiz

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  • Prostate Tree Hugger

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  • All the sideline fans from MU (sheeplovers!!!)

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You would probably look here moron

still looking

The Vandals sent this link to me (sheeplovers!!!)


download the audio, morons

Go Bengals!!!

One co-conference champion down, one to go!!! :halfrobot:
Now I'm gunna get down to the nit-pickyness...

On your poll, who is MU?

Kinda curious, Thanks
Who the heck are the MU sideline fans? Would that be Marshall?
You and 8poky8 must a been out chasin' sheep all night before you wrote that. :fist:
Hot off the ISU Student Paper.


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